When you stay at Gweda Lodge you have access to the various game drive opportunities offered at the Mabalingwe Nature Reserve. Featuring 8 500 hectares of bushveld, the reserve provides excellent, year-round, game-viewing opportunities. From seeing the majestic elephants making their way through the thicket or spotting the wildebeest and zebra on the open savannah, to watching breathtaking sunsets, a game drive at Mabalingwe is an unforgettable experience. The reserve offers day and night game drives as well as bird-watching drives.

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Day Game Drives

Open game drive vehicles allow you to safely get close to unspoilt nature and wildlife. The day game drives at Mabalingwe Nature Reserve will take you through grasslands, rocky ravines and majestic mountain tops to give you a truly memorable experience of the beauty and wonder of African wildlife.

Night Game Drives

See fascinating nocturnal animals such owls, bush babies, and jackal with the help of a qualified field guide. Night drives gives you a different view of the African bushveld and its nocturnal wildlife. This experience will prove to not only be highly enjoyable but also extremely educational.

Bird-Watching Drives

With over 250 bird species identified at the Mabalingwe Nature Reserve, bird-watching drives provides even the most discerning birder with exceptional opportunities.

Wildlife that You May Encounter on a Game Drive

The Mabalingwe Nature Reserve is home to Africa’s big five which are the elephant, leopard, rhino, lion, leopard, and buffalo. Like many other private game reserves, the lions are contained in a separate secure, fenced area of the reserve. Visits to the lion enclosure need to be pre-booked.

Outside of the big five there are many animals to be found at the reserve including hippos, giraffes, hyenas, sable antelopes, zebras, and warthogs.

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