African Wildlife Attractions in Bela-Bela near Mabalingwe

African Wildlife Attractions Near Gweda Lodge in Bela-Bela

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The Waterberg region in Limpopo, where Bela-Bela is situated, has many hidden gems tucked away within driving distance from Gweda Lodge in Mabalingwe. While staying at the lodge these wildlife attractions are sure to fill up a day with fun and excitement.

ZA Cheetah Conservation Cheetah Experience

Cheetah Experience is a registered non-profit company originally based in Bloemfontein but relocated to Bela Bela, Limpopo in March 2021. The organisation offers people a once-in-a-lifetime chance to enjoy an educational outing to learn all about these magnificent animals, observe them up close, take some amazing photos, and learn how you can join the fight to protect these precious species.

The conservation is home to a number of endangered and threatened species, including cheetahs, leopards, male non-breeding lions, servals, caracals, African wildcats, wolves, meerkats and a Siberian tiger. They never show away any animal in need of rescue which means they also have various local animals from time to time, including 2 dwarf goats and some chickens.

Distance from Gweda Lodge: ±40km

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Bambelela Wildlife Care and Vervet Monkey Rehabilitation Facility

Bambelela (which means “to hold on” in Zulu) came into being in December 2003 when Silka van Eynern (originally from Germany) decided to dedicate her life and savings towards the care and conservation of South African Wildlife after the passing of her late husband.

Bambelela rescues, rehabilitates and releases members of three of our five South African Primate families namely The Lesser Bush Baby, Chacma Baboon and the Vervet Monkey. Silke and her incredible team of staff and volunteers concentrate have successfully given 15 troops (over 300 monkeys), a second chance to live free again.

As a persecuted species, these monkeys had lost their freedom due to habitat destruction, illegal shootings by farmers, snares, electrocutions, pet or Muti trade (Muti is the term for traditional medicine in Southern Africa).

Distance from Gweda Lodge: ±50km

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Thaba Kwena Crocodile Farm

Thaba Kwena Crocodile Farm offers guest’s fully guided tours. Nestled between Bela-Bela and Modimolle in the Waterberg, Thaba Kwena was founded more than 25 years ago. Today the Farm is one of the largest crocodile farms in South Africa with more than 45 000 crocodiles.

At their gift shop, you will find a variety of trinkets and curio as well as various crocodile leather products at very competitive prices. Feeling adventurous? Try a Croc Burger or even a Croc Pie at the restaurant? For the not so brave… they also offer a variety of mouth-watering light meals.

Distance from Gweda Lodge: ±45km Website for more information:

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